Match No. 1 - Saturday, 30th November 1872, 2:15pm

      • GK
      • Robert Gardner (c)
      • FB
      • William Ker
      • FB
      • Joseph Taylor
      • HB
      • James Thomson
      • HB
      • James Smith
      • F
      • Robert Smith
      • F
      • Robert Leckie
      • F
      • Alex Rhind
      • F
      • Billy MacKinnon
      • F
      • Jerry Weir
      • F
      • David Wotherspoon


    • Football MilestoneThe first ever international football match.
    • Kick-off TimeScotland "won the toss, and selected the northern goal, thereby gaining the advantage of a slight elevation in the field". "...The strangers [England] kicked off at quarter-past two."
    • UmpiresUmpires were CW Alcock for England & HN Smith for Scotland and William Keay as referee.
    • Change of EndsIn early internationals the teams changed ends after each goal. They also changed ends at half time if the match was scoreless.
    • England KeeperBecause of the unavailablity of first choice keeper Alex Morten, Barker keep goal during the first half and Maynard in the second.
    • Match MilestoneEngland's 1st Match
    • Player MilestoneRobert Barker's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneErnest Harwood Greenhalgh's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneReginald Courtenay Welch's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneFrederick Chappell's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneWilliam Maynard's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneJohn Brockbank's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneCharlie Clegg's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneArnold Kirke Smith's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneCuthbert Ottaway's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneCharley Chenery's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneCharles Morice's Only Cap


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    • William Keay


    • Upwards of 5,000

    ELO Rankings

    • England - 1st
    • Scotland - 2nd