Match No. 11 - Monday, 15th March 1880

  • William Roberts, 81'
  • John Roberts, 89'
    • GK
    • Harry Hibbott  
    • RB
    • John Morgan  
    • LB
    • Jack Powell  
    • HB
    • Harry Edwards  
    • HB
    • William Williams  
    • HB
    • William Owen  
    • OR
    • William Davies  
    • IR
    • Thomas Boden  
    • CF
    • John Price  
    • IL
    • John Roberts  
    • OL
    • William Roberts  


  • Player InjuryThomas Brindle had to leave the game in the 2nd half due to injury. England played on with ten men.
  • Player MilestoneJohn Sands' Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneEdwin Luntley's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneTom Brindle's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneFred Hargreaves' 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneThomas Marshall's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneHarry Cursham's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneFrancis Sparks' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneClement Mitchell's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneEdward Johnson's 1st Cap
  • Goal MilestoneTom Brindle's 1st Goal
  • Player MilestoneFrancis Sparks' 1st Captaincy


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  •  Robert E Lythgoe


  • 3,000

Half Time Score

  • Wales 0 - 0 England

ELO Rankings

  •  England - 2nd   0
  •  Wales - 3rd