Match No. 10 - Saturday, 13th March 1880

  • "...and Ker, standing in front of the English goal, caught the ball as it fell and shot it through without any hesitation - 15 minutes after kick-off." Geordie Ker, 15'
  • "Swepstone rushed out to catch the ball, Baird dodged him, and steadying himself, sent it between the English posts." John Baird, 36'
  • "This was followed by an excellent run by Ker, who in his usual quick style shot the ball through for the home players." Geordie Ker, 44'
  • "A third run [by Ker] however, resulted in another goal for Scotland, six minutes after the kick-off." Geordie Ker, 51'
  • "Moses McNeil made a clever run down to the English goal, and after some good passing and repassing, Kay sent the ball through." John Kay, 70'
    • GK
    • Archie RowanArchibald Rowan.
      Born 4th Oct 1855, Scotland.
    • RB
    • Robert NeillRobert Walker Neill.
      Born 11th Sep 1853, Scotland.
    • LB
    • Alex McLintockAlexander McLintock.
      Born 1853, Alexandria.
    • HB
    • Charles CampbellCharles Campbell.
      Born 1854, Coupar Angus.
    • HB
    • John McPhersonJohn Campbell McLeod McPherson.
      Born 1855, Scotland.
      Not to be confused with John McPherson (1875) nor John McPherson (1888-1897).
    • HB
    • John SmithJohn Smith.
      Born 12th Aug 1855, Mauchline.
    • OR
    • Moses McNeilMoses McNeil.
      Born 29th Oct 1855, Rhu.
    • IR
    • Geordie KerGeorge Ker.
      Date of birth unknown, Glasgow.
    • CF
    • John McGregorJohn McGregor.
      Born 1851, Scotland.
    • IL
    • John BairdJohn Campbell Baird.
      Born 27th Jul 1856, Scotland.
    • OL
    • John KayJohn Leck Kay.
      Date of birth unknown, Glasgow.


  • Player InjuryDuring the latter stages of the game with Scotland 5-2 up, Charles Campbell had to retire through injury. Scotland played on with ten men.
  • Player MilestoneHarry Swepstone's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneEdwin Luntley's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneWilliam Brindle's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneSegar Bastard's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneCharles Wollaston's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneSam Widdowson's Only Cap
  • Goal MilestoneFrancis Sparks' 1st Goal


  • Association Football in Victorian England by Philip Gibbons (Minerva Press 2001) page 57.



  • Scotland Donald Hamilton


  • 12,000

Half Time Score

ELO Ratings

  • No change in rank, losing -6 ranking points to 1965 points England - 2nd
  • Scotland - 1st