Match No. 10 - Saturday, 13th March 1880, 3:30pm

  • "...and Ker, standing in front of the English goal, caught the ball as it fell and shot it through without any hesitation - 15 minutes after kick-off." Geordie Ker, 15'
  • "Swepstone rushed out to catch the ball, Baird dodged him, and steadying himself, sent it between the English posts." John Baird, 36'
  • "This was followed by an excellent run by Ker, who in his usual quick style shot the ball through for the home players." Geordie Ker, 44'
  • "A third run [by Ker] however, resulted in another goal for Scotland, six minutes after the kick-off." Geordie Ker, 51'
  • "Moses McNeil made a clever run down to the English goal, and after some good passing and repassing, Kay sent the ball through." John Kay, 70'
    • GK
    • Archie RowanArchibald Rowan.
      Born 4th Oct 1855, Scotland.
    • RB
    • Robert NeillRobert Walker Neill.
      Born 11th Sep 1853, Scotland.
    • LB
    • Alex McLintockAlexander McLintock.
      Born 1853, Alexandria.
    • HB
    • Charles CampbellCharles Campbell.
      Born 1854, Coupar Angus.
    • HB
    • John McPhersonJohn Campbell McLeod McPherson.
      Born 1855, Scotland.
      Not to be confused with John McPherson (1875) nor John McPherson (1888-1897).
    • HB
    • John SmithJohn Smith.
      Born 12th Aug 1855, Mauchline.
    • OR
    • Moses McNeilMoses McNeil.
      Born 29th Oct 1855, Rhu.
    • IR
    • Geordie KerGeorge Ker.
      Date of birth unknown, Glasgow.
    • CF
    • John McGregorJohn McGregor.
      Born 1851, Scotland.
    • IL
    • John BairdJohn Campbell Baird.
      Born 27th Jul 1856, Scotland.
    • OL
    • John KayJohn Leck Kay.
      Date of birth unknown, Glasgow.
  • "With the kick from goal the English forwards got on the ball, run it down the field, made for the Scottish goal, and shot it through." Billy Mosforth2nd of 3 goals. , 18'
  • "Kicking off without loss of time the ball was soon in possession of Bambridge, who ran it down and again scored for his side..." Charlie Bambridge3rd of 11 goals. , 37'
  • "In a minute or two, however, an unmistakable goal was scored by the visitors, who benefitted fro the absence of Campbell, one of the Scotch half backs, who had to retire through an accident." Francis Sparks1st of 3 goals. , 85'
  • "In other three minutes the Englishmen scored again, Bambridge doing the trick for his side amid a round of applause." Charlie Bambridge4th of 11 goals. , 88'
    • GK
    • Harry SwepstonePilgrims, 1st of 6 caps
      20 years, 8 months, 12 days
    • RB
    • Edwin LuntleyNotts Forest, 1st of 2 caps
      22 years, 10 months, 15 days
      Right Back
    • LB
    • William BrindleDarwen, 1st of 2 caps
      26 years, 9 months, 20 days
      Left Back
    • HB
    • Norman BaileyClapham, 4th of 19 caps
      22 years, 7 months, 21 day
      Half Back
    • HB
    • Jack HunterSheffield Heeley, 2nd of 7 caps
      28 years, 7 months, 0 days
      Half Back
    • OR
    • Segar BastardUpton Park, Only Cap
      26 years, 1 month, 19 days
      Outside Right
    • IR
    • Charles WollastonWanderers, 4th of 4 caps
      30 years, 7 months, 13 days
      Inside Right
      (c)1st captaincy
    • CF
    • Sam WiddowsonNotts Forest, Only Cap
      28 years, 10 months, 27 days
      Centre Forward
    • CF
    • Francis SparksClapham, 2nd of 3 caps
      24 years, 8 months, 9 days
      Centre Forward
    • OL
    • Billy MosforthSheffield Albion, 5th of 9 caps
      21 years, 2 months, 11 day
      Outside Left

England Starting Formation



  • Player Injury"About fifteen minutes before the game closed C. Campbell, who had been playing grandly in front of goal, got himself hurt, and had to retire, and it is worthy of note that after that unfortunate incident...Scotland lost two goals...Ker was brought up from the centre and put in Campbell's place, but whenever he saw the other fowards getting down in a run the infatuation was too much for him, and he joined in the chase, leaving three men to do the work of four."
  • Player MilestoneHarry Swepstone's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneEdwin Luntley's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneWilliam Brindle's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneSegar Bastard's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneCharles Wollaston's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneSam Widdowson's Only Cap
  • Goal MilestoneFrancis Sparks' 1st Goal


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  • North British Daily Mail "England v Scotland (Association)", Monday, 15th March 1880, page 3.



  • Scotland Donald Hamilton


  • Upwards of 15,000

Half Time Score

ELO Ratings

  • No change in rank, losing -6 ranking points to 1965 points England - 2nd
  • Scotland - 1st