Match No. 74 - Monday, 3rd March 1902

      • GK
      • Leigh Roose
      • RB
      • Sam Meredith
      • LB
      • Charlie Morris
      • HB
      • Maurice Parry
      • HB
      • Jack Jones
      • HB
      • William Jones
      • OR
      • Billy Meredith
      • IR
      • Walter Watkins
      • CF
      • Thomas Parry
      • IL
      • Ephraim Williams
      • OL
      • Richard Morris


    • Goal Scoring SequenceThe first time England failed to score since 1884 breaking a run of 52 matches.
    • Disallowed GoalsEngland had the ball in the net twice but both were disallowed. "Bloomer scored an offside goal..." and "..Foster receiving the ball volleyed it back into the net. The referee pointed to the centre and, it seemed that England had scored, but on appeal by the Welsh backs the goal was disallowed...Roose had been impeded by one of the English forwards."
    • Missed Penalty: Ernest Needham2nd miss from 3rd taken (33.3%). England's 4th overall. England are awarded a third penalty in as many matches but Needham misses, his second in succesive matches. Different sources state different reasons for the awarding of the penalty. It was either handball by Meredith or a foul by Meredith on Sagar. However, "Needham took the kick, but Roose got the ball away amidst an outburst of cheering."
    • Player MilestoneBilly George's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneBob Crompton's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneJimmy Crabtree's Last Cap
    • Player MilestoneWalter Abbott's Only Cap
    • Player MilestoneErnest Needham's Last Cap
    • Player MilestoneBilly Hogg's 1st Cap
    • Player MilestoneCharlie Sagar's Last Cap
    • Player MilestoneTip Foster's Last Cap
    • Player MilestoneBert Lipsham's Only Cap


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    • Thomas Robertson


    • Between 5,000 and 10,000

    Half Time Score

    ELO Rankings

    • England - 1st
    • Wales - 7th