Match No. 195 - Wednesday, 14th November 1934, 2:30pm

  • Assist: Cliff Britton. "Brook made complete amends for that penalty miss by scoring the first two. First (after eight minutes of play) he headed through when Britton placed the ball into the goalmouth from a free-kick for a foul." Eric Brook6th of 10 goals. Header from yards., 8'
  • "Another free-kick was given just outside the penalty area, and Brook was given another chance. He shot again with his left foot and, this time, Ceresoli had no chance of saving." Eric Brook7th of 10 goals. Left-footed from 19 yards., 12'
  • "And while Hapgood was having an injury repaired - he was away ten minutes - Drake accepted a pass from Britton and swept the ball into the net from ten yards' range." Ted Drake1st of 6 goals. Right-footed from 10 yards., 15'
    • GK
    • Frank MossArsenal, 4th of 4 caps
      25 years, 0 months, 9 days
    • RB
    • George MaleArsenal, 1st of 19 caps
      24 years, 6 months, 6 days
      Right Back
    • LB
    • Eddie HapgoodArsenal, 9th of 30 caps
      26 years, 1 month, 20 days
      Left Back
      (c)1st captaincy
    • RH
    • Cliff BrittonEverton, 2nd of 9 caps
      25 years, 2 months, 16 days
      Right Half
    • CH
    • Jack BarkerDerby, 2nd of 11 caps
      27 years, 8 months, 15 days
      Centre Half
    • LH
    • Wilf CoppingArsenal, 7th of 20 caps
      27 years, 2 months, 28 days
      Left Half
    • OR
    • Stanley MatthewsStoke City, 2nd of 54 caps
      19 years, 9 months, 13 days
      Outside Right
    • IR
    • Ray BowdenArsenal, 2nd of 6 caps
      25 years, 2 months, 1 day
      Inside Right
    • CF
    • Ted DrakeArsenal, 1st of 5 caps
      22 years, 2 months, 29 days
      Centre Forward
    • IL
    • Cliff BastinArsenal, 9th of 21 caps
      22 years, 8 months, 0 days
      Inside Left
    • OL
    • Eric BrookMan City, 10th of 18 caps
      26 years, 11 month, 17 days
      Outside Left
  • "...thirteen minutes after the cross-over Meazza crowned a staggering raid with a fine rocket shot that beat Moss..." Giuseppe Meazza, 58'
  • "...four minutes later he made the most of a free kick." Giuseppe Meazza, 62'
    • GK
    • Carlo CeresoliCarlo Ceresoli.
      Born 14th Jun 1910, Italy.
    • RB
    • Eraldo MonzeglioEraldo Monzeglio.
      Born 5th Jun 1906, Vignale Monferrato.
    • LB
    • Luigi AllemandiLuigi Allemandi.
      Born 8th Nov 1903, San Damiano Macra.
    • HB
    • Attilio FerrarisAttilio Ferraris.
      Born 26th Mar 1904, Rome.
    • CH
    • Luis MontiLuis Felipe Monti.
      Born 15th May 1901, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Off 15'
    • HB
    • Luigi BertoliniLuigi Bertolini.
      Born 13th Sep 1904, Busalla.
    • OR
    • Enrique GuaitaEnrique Guaita.
      Born 11th Jul 1910, Lucas González, Argentina.
    • IR
    • Pietro SerantoniPietro Serantoni.
      Born 12th Dec 1906, Venice.
    • CF
    • Giuseppe MeazzaGiuseppe Meazza.
      Born 23rd Aug 1910, Milan.
    • IL
    • Giovanni FerrariGiovanni Vincenzo Ferrari.
      Born 6th Dec 1907, Alessandria.
    • OL
    • Raimundo OrsiRaimundo Bibiani Orsi.
      Born 2nd Dec 1901, Avellaneda, Argentina.

England Starting Formation



  • The Battle of HighburyIn the seventh minute, Luis Monti broke his foot tackling Ted Drake. He played on but was forced to retire after 15 minutes. The Italians were not happy about this tackle nor were they happy about, as the Telegraph puts it: "...the charging-the-goalkeeper rule which operates in this country, but not on the continent." Hapgood had his nose broken "in a collision with Guaita, whose elbow caught the full-back in the face." and had to leave the field for treatment for ten minutes after the second goal. Injuries to Brook ("arm X-rayed"), Bowden ("injured ankle"), Barker (" left hand in bandages"), Drake (" leg nearly cut to ribbons") and Copping ("bandaged from left knee to top of thigh") were accompanied by other various cuts and brusies all round. The second half was much quieter, mostly because the Italians came out to actually play some football - which was scintillating at times. They scored two goals and nearly equalised.
  • Club RecordSeven Arsenal players appeared which is still a record at full international level.
  • Missed Penalty: Eric Brook1st miss from 1st taken (0.0%). England's 16th overall. "The opening moves were dramatic. Britton made a long pass down the centre of the field; Drake gathered the ball and advanced to near the right goal post; there the goalkeeper, Ceresoli, met him and Allemandi tackled from behind with the result that the goalkeeper and the centre forward were on the ground together; the whistle sounded for as penalty kick; Brook took the drive from the spot and tried to place the ball just under the bar, but Ceresoli sprang like a jumper and with both hands above his head beat the ball away with his palms."
  • Player MilestoneFrank Moss' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneGeorge Male's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneTed Drake's 1st Cap
  • Goal MilestoneTed Drake's 1st Goal


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  • Sweden Otto Olsson


  • 56,044

Half Time Score

ELO Ratings

  • No change in rank, gaining 8 ranking points to 2015 points England - 3rd
  • Italy - 1st