Match No. 195 - Wednesday, 14th November 1934, 2:30pm

  • Giuseppe Meazza, 58'
  • Giuseppe Meazza, 62'
    • GK
    • Carlo Ceresoli
    • RB
    • Eraldo Monzeglio
    • LB
    • Luigi Allemandi
    • HB
    • Attilio Ferraris (c)
    • HB
    • Luis Monti
    • 1'
    • HB
    • Luigi Bertolini
    • OR
    • Enrique Guaita
    • IR
    • Pietro Serantoni
    • CF
    • Giuseppe Meazza
    • IL
    • Giovanni Ferrari
    • OL
    • Raimundo Orsi


  • The Battle of HighburyLuis Monti broke his foot tackling Ted Drake directly after kickoff and the remaining Italians were adamant that it was deliberate. They spent the rest of the first half seeking retribution rather than playing football. Hapgood had his nose broken, perhaps by a stray Italian elbow and had to leave the field for treatment. He didn't return until England had scored their 3rd goal some 15 minutes later. Injuries to Brook (broken arm), Bowden (ankle), Barker (hand) and Drake (gashed leg) were accompanied by other various cuts and brusies all round. The second half was much quieter!
  • Club RecordSeven Arsenal players appeared which is still a record at full international level.
  • Missed Penalty: Eric Brook1st miss from 1st taken (0.0%). England's 16th overall. "In the first minute of the match Drake broke through and was brought down in the penalty area [by Ceresoli]. Brook took the kick, and his shot was brilliantly saved by Ceresoli"
  • Player MilestoneFrank Moss' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneGeorge Male's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneTed Drake's 1st Cap
  • Goal MilestoneTed Drake's 1st Goal


  • The Times "England beat Italy", Thursday 15th November 1934, Page 6 & 14
  • Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio



  • Otto Olsson


  • 56,044

Half Time Score

ELO Rankings

  • England - 3rd - 1
  • Italy - 1st