Match No. 4 - Saturday, 6th March 1875, 3:20pm

  • Assist: Francis Birley. "The free kick [for handball] was very judiciously made by Birley, and Bonsor, being conveniently posted in front of the Scotch goal, kicked the ball under the tape." Alexander BonsorOnly Goal. , 25'
  • Assist: Pelham George von Donop. " twenty-five minutes past four a second goal was placed to their credit...A corner kick accrued to England, which was entrusted to Von Dunop, who sent the ball well in front of the Scotch goal, and it glanced off Alcock's breast under the line." Charles AlcockOnly Goal. , 65'
  • Henry McNeil, 35'
  • Peter Andrews, 75'
    • GK
    • Robert GardnerRobert Gardner.
      Born 31st Mar 1847, Glasgow.
    • FB
    • John HunterJohn Hunter.
      Date of birth unknown.
    • FB
    • Joseph TaylorJoseph Taylor.
      Born 16th Dec 1850, Dunoon.
    • HB
    • Sandy KennedyAlexander Kennedy.
      Date of birth unknown, Dalquhurn.
    • HB
    • Alex McLintockAlexander McLintock.
      Born 1853, Alexandria.
    • F
    • Jerry WeirJames Biggar Weir.
      Born 23rd Nov 1851, Scotland.
    • F
    • Billy MacKinnonWilliam Muir MacKinnon.
      Born 18th Jan 1952, Glasgow.
    • F
    • Henry McNeilHenry McNeil.
      Born 1853, Scotland.
    • F
    • Thomas HighetThomas Cochrane Highet.
      Born 1853, Ayr.
    • F
    • Peter AndrewsPeter Andrews.
      Born 10th Nov 1845, Scotland.
    • F
    • John McPhersonJohn McPherson.
      Date of birth unknown, Scotland.
      Not to be confused with John McPherson (1879-85) nor John McPherson (1888-97).


  • Match InfoThere was no half time interval. Teams changed ends after each goal.
  • UmpiresUmpires were Francis Arthur Marindin (England) & J.C. Mackay (Scotland).
  • England KeeperFor reasons unknown, goalkeeper William Carr arrived late at the ground, 15 minutes after kick-off. England were playing with ten men until he joined. Bonsor tended goal.
  • Player MilestoneWilliam Carr's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneEdward Haygarth's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneFrancis Birley's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneWilliam Rawson's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestonePelham George von Donop's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneCharles Alcock's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneHerbert Rawson's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneAlexander Bonsor's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneRichard Geaves' Only Cap
  • Goal MilestoneAlexander Bonsor's 1st Goal
  • Goal MilestoneCharles Alcock's 1st Goal


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  • Alfred E Stair


  • 2,000

ELO Ratings

  • No change in rank, losing -3 ranking points to 2003 points England - 1st
  • Scotland - 2nd