Match No. 409 - Saturday, 30th July 1966, 3:00pm

  • Assist: Bobby Moore. "It took England only six minutes to reassure the crowd. Overath had been warned for a severe foul on Ball and now he committed another one on Moore, tripping the England captain as he turned away with the ball. Moore himself took the free kick and from 40 yards out near the left touchline he flighted the ball beautifully towards the far post. Hurst, timing his run superbly to slip through the defence much as he had done against the Argentine, struck a perfect header low inside Tilkowski's right-hand post." Geoff Hurst3rd of 24 goals. Header from 7 yards., 19' 18:15
  • "[Hunt] pushed a pass to Ball and when the winger shot Tilkowski pushed the ball on to the outside of his net. Following the corner Hurst's shot from the left was deflected across goal by Schultz, and Peters, strangely neglected by the German defenders, came in swiftly to take the ball on the half volley and drive it into the net from four or five yards." Martin Peters2nd of 20 goals. Right-footed from 7 yards., 78' 77:23
  • Assist: Alan Ball. "When England took the lead again in the tenth minute of extra time they did it controversially. Ball made an opening for himself on the right and when the ball went in to Hurst the inside forward resolutely worked for a clear view of goal. His rising right-foot shot on the turn from 10 yards was pushed against the underside of the crossbar by Tilkowski and when it bounced the England players appealed as one man for a goal. The referee spoke to the Russian linesman on the side away from the main stand and turned to award a goal." Geoff Hurst4th of 24 goals. Right-footed from 7 yards., 101' 100:10
  • Assist: Bobby Moore. "Germany had equalised with almost the last kick in the regular 90 minutes, and they had just gone within inches of repeating the blow in extra time when Seeler lunged in on a headed pass by Held. But Moore took the ball cooly out of defence and lifted it upfield to Hurst 10 yards inside the German half. The referee was already looking at his watch and three England supporters had prematurely invaded the pitch as Hurst collected the ball on his chest. At first he seemed inclined to dawdle-out time. Then abruptly he sprinted through in the inside-left position with German defender pressing him. As Tilkowski prepared to move out, Hurst swung his left foot and drove the ball breathtakingly into the top of the net." Geoff Hurst5th of 24 goals. Left-footed from 15 yards., 120' 119:51
    • 1
    • Gordon BanksLeicester, 33rd of 73 caps
      28 years, 7 months, 0 days
    • 2
    • George CohenFulham, 30th of 37 caps
      26 years, 9 months, 8 days
      Right Back
    • 3
    • Ray WilsonEverton, 51st of 63 caps
      31 years, 7 months, 13 days
      Left Back
    • 4
    • Nobby StilesMan Utd, 20th of 28 caps
      24 years, 2 months, 12 days
      Defensive Midfielder
    • 5
    • Jack CharltonLeeds, 22nd of 35 caps
      31 years, 2 months, 22 days
      Centre Back
    • 6
    • Bobby MooreWest Ham, 47th of 108 caps
      25 years, 3 months, 18 days
      Centre Back
      (c)30th captaincy
    • 7
    • Alan BallBlackpool, 14th of 72 caps
      21 years, 2 months, 18 days
    • 21
    • Roger HuntLiverpool, 19th of 34 caps
      28 years, 0 months, 10 days
      Centre Forward
    • 9
    • Bobby CharltonMan Utd, 74th of 106 caps
      28 years, 9 months, 19 days
    • 10
    • Geoff HurstWest Ham, 8th of 49 caps
      24 years, 7 months, 22 days
      Centre Forward
    • 16
    • Martin PetersWest Ham, 8th of 67 caps
      22 years, 8 months, 22 days
      21:51 For holding back Overath after the German had stolen the ball from him.
  • "Then, stunningly, in the tenth minute England found themselves a goal behind...Held glided a high cross for the left wing and Wilson jumping for the ball in comfortable isolation incredibly headed it precisely down to the feet of Haller, standing a dozen yards out and directly in front of Banks. Haller had time to steady and pivot to turn his right-foot shot on the ground past Bank's right side." Helmut Haller, 13' 12:12
  • "In the last seconds of the 90 minutes the English supporters were silenced by an equalising goal. Charlton was doubtfully penalised after jumping to a header and from the free-kick Emmerich drove the ball through the English wall. As it cannoned across the face of the goal it appeared to hit Schellinger on the arm but the referee saw nothing illegal and Weber at the far post was able to score powerfully." Wolfgang Weber, 90' 89:34
    • 1
    • Hans TilkowskiHans Tilkowski.
      Born 12th Jul 1935, Dortmund.
    • 2
    • Horst-Dieter HöttgesHorst-Dieter Höttges.
      Born 10th Sep 1943, Mönchengladbach.
    • 3
    • Karl-Heinz SchnellingerKarl-Heinz Schnellinger.
      Born 31st Mar 1939, Düren.
    • 4
    • Franz BeckenbauerFranz Anton Beckenbauer.
      Born 11th Sep 1945, Munich.
    • 5
    • Willi SchulzWilli Schulz.
      Born 4th Oct 1938, Wattenscheid.
    • 6
    • Wolfgang WeberWolfgang Weber.
      Born 26th Jun 1944, Schlawe.
    • 8
    • Helmut HallerHelmut Haller.
      Born 21st Jul 1939, Augsburg.
    • 9
    • Uwe SeelerUwe Seeler.
      Born 5th Nov 1936, Hamburg.
    • 10
    • Sigfried HeldSigfried Held.
      Born 7th Aug 1942, Freudenthal.
    • 12
    • Wolfgang OverathWolfgang Overath.
      Born 23rd Sep 1943, Siegburg.
    • 11
    • Lothar EmmerichLothar Emmerich.
      Born 29th Nov 1941, Dorstfeld.

England Starting Formation



  • World Cup WinnersEngland win the eighth World Cup. The fifth nation to do so and the third host nation.
  • Player InjuryTilkowski and Hurst go up for a high ball together [7:30] and the German goalkeeper lands akwardly. The referee initially plays on but then stops play for a subsequent push by Ball. Tilkowski is still flat out on the ground and takes a couple of minutes, the magic spounge and some smelling salts to get back to his feet. The game is restarted at 9:29. In the second half he gets an accidental clattering to the jaw by Beckenbauer [70:45] as they attempt to thwart a Bobby Charlton header.
  • Goal DisputedHurst's second goal has been talked about for decades. Using today's modern VAR technology the goal would have been ruled out as the whole of the ball did not cross the whole of the line. But at the time the only arbiter of the matter was Azerbaijani linesman Tofiq Bahramov. After consulting with Dienst the goal was given.
  • Hat-Trick: Geoff Hurst1st hat-trick (62nd overall). Hurst's hat-trick is the only such instance in a World Cup Final.


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  • Switzerland Gottfried Dienst


  • 96,924

Half Time Score

90 Minute Score

ELO Ratings

  • Up 2 places, gaining 35 ranking points to 2080 points England - 1st - 2
  • West Germany - 2nd