Match No. 152 - Saturday, 12th February 1927

  • "Brown was charged when handling the ball, and before he could clear Davies headed through." Len Davies, 13' ?
  • "Wales got on terms by means of a penalty kick nine minutes before the interval. Green was adjudged to have tackled Williams unfairly, and Davies scored." Len Davies, 36' (pen)
  • "When walker was temporarily off the field in the second half Wales went in front, W. Lewis scoring after fifteen minutes play." Wilf Lewis, 60'
    • GK
    • Dan LewisDaniel Lewis.
      Born 11th Dec 1902, Maerdy.
    • RB
    • Tom JonesThomas Jones.
      Born 6th Dec 1899, Penycae.
    • LB
    • Bob JohnRobert Frederick John.
      Born 3rd Feb 1899, Barry.
    • RH
    • Fred KeenorFrederick Charles Keenor.
      Born 31st Jul 1894, Cardiff.
    • CH
    • Tom GriffithsThomas Percival Griffiths.
      Born 21st Feb 1906, Wrexham.
    • LH
    • Dai EvansDavid Evans.
      Born 28th Jan 1902, Merthyr Tydfil.
    • OR
    • Wilf LewisWilfred Leslie Lewis.
      Born 1st Jul 1903, Swansea.
    • IR
    • Rees WilliamsDavid Rees Williams.
      Born Jan 1900, Abercanaid, Glamorgan.
    • CF
    • Len DaviesLeonard Stephen Davies.
      Born 28th Apr 1899, Cardiff.
    • IL
    • Harry ThomasHenry Thomas.
      Born 28th Feb 1901, Swansea.
    • OL
    • Dai NicholasDavid Sidney Nicholas.
      Born 12th Aug 1897, Aberdare.
  • "The game had only been in progress for eleven minutes when England scored, Dean dribbling through cleverly and shooting low into the net." Dixie Dean1st of 18 goals. , 11'
  • Assist: Dixie Dean. "...a good shot from Walker bringing about a second defeat for Lewis." Billy Walker9th of 9 goals. , 20'
  • "The lead was lost within three minutes, Dean equalising with a strong low kick." Dixie Dean2nd of 18 goals. , 63'
    • GK
    • Jack BrownSheffield Wed, 1st of 6 caps
      27 years, 10 months, 24 days
    • RB
    • Baishe BowerCorinthians, 5th of 5 caps
      31 years, 3 months, 2 days
      Right Back
      (c)3rd captaincy
    • RH
    • Willis EdwardsLeeds, 4th of 16 caps
      23 years, 9 months, 14 days
      Right Half
    • CH
    • Jimmy SeddonBolton, 5th of 6 caps
      31 years, 8 months, 23 days
      Centre Half
    • LH
    • George GreenSheffield Utd, 6th of 8 caps
      25 years, 9 months, 10 days
      Left Half
    • OR
    • Willie PeaseMiddlesbrough, Only Cap
      27 years, 4 months, 12 days
      Outside Right
    • IR
    • George BrownHuddersfield, 2nd of 9 caps
      23 years, 7 months, 20 days
      Inside Right
    • CF
    • Dixie DeanEverton, 1st of 16 caps
      20 years, 0 months, 21 day
      Centre Forward
    • IL
    • Billy WalkerAston Villa, 17th of 18 caps
      29 years, 3 months, 14 days
      Inside Left
    • OL
    • Louis PageBurnley, 1st of 7 caps
      27 years, 10 months, 16 days
      Outside Left

England Starting Formation



  • Player Injuries"Brown, in goal, had a busy match, and he suffered from a heavy charge, besides being hit in the face." Seddon is reported to have been "carried off after being hurt in a charge by Keenor" at the end of the first half. He returned after the interval. "Walker was hit in the face, and his nose bled freely." at the start of the second half. "Walker was carried away from the touchline on a stretcher..." during which both teams scored their third goals. "Not until the Southern Players were returning to London was it known that Walker was so badly hurt that he did not know the result of the match until some time after the finish, and that Brown, England's goalkeeper, had to be strapped up before he was allowed to resume after the interval."
  • Player MilestoneJack Brown's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneBaishe Bower's Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneGeorge Waterfield's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneWillie Pease's Only Cap
  • Player MilestoneDixie Dean's 1st Cap
  • Player MilestoneLouis Page's 1st Cap
  • Goal MilestoneDixie Dean's 1st Goal


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  • Bert Fogg


  • 16,000

Half Time Score

ELO Ratings

  • No change in rank, losing -1 ranking points to 1830 points England - 10th
  • Wales - 17th