Match No. 362 - Sunday, 10th June 1962, 2:30pm

  • Assist: Jimmy Greaves. "...Hitchens equalised in the thirty-eighth minute. Haynes began the move in midfield, and when the ball was centred from the right, Greaves headed it against the crossbar. After the rebound, there was a brief scramble before Hitchens forced the ball into the net." Gerry Hitchens5th of 5 goals. Right-footed from 6 yards., 38'
    • 1
    • Ron SpringettSheffield Wed, 25th of 33 caps
      26 years, 10 months, 19 days
    • 3
    • Ray WilsonHuddersfield, 15th of 63 caps
      27 years, 5 months, 24 days
    • 16
    • Bobby MooreWest Ham, 5th of 108 caps
      21 years, 1 month, 28 days
    • 6
    • Ron FlowersWolves, 36th of 49 caps
      27 years, 10 months, 13 days
    • 17
    • Bryan DouglasBlackburn, 33rd of 36 caps
      28 years, 0 months, 14 days
    • 10
    • Johnny HaynesFulham, 56th of 56 caps
      27 years, 7 months, 24 days
      (c)22nd captaincy
  • "After 31 minutes Brazil took the lead. A corner - Brazil's sixth - was forced on the left. Zagallo placed it beautifully and Garrincha raced in from the edge of the penalty area and headed a splendid goal." Garrincha, 32'
  • "Six minutes [after the disallowed goal] Vava again beat Springett, and this time there was no reprieve for England. Flowers was penalised for hands just outside the penalty area, and after Springett had only partially stopped the free kick taken by Garrincha, Vava flung himself forward and headed the ball into the net." Vavá, 53'
  • "Brazil were now comfortably on top, and Garrincha scored their third goal in the 58th minute with a great drive from 20 yards. Springett appeared the think the ball would go over the crossbar, but it dipped at the last minute and went into the right hand corner of the net." Garrincha, 58'
    • 1
    • GilmarGylmar dos Santos Neves.
      Born 22nd Aug 1930, Santos.
    • 2
    • Djalma SantosDjalma Pereira Dias dos Santos.
      Born 27th Feb 1929, São Paulo.
    • 3
    • Mauro RamosMauro Ramos de Oliveira.
      Born 30th Aug 1930, Poças de Caldas.
    • 4
    • ZitoJosé Ely de Miranda.
      Born 8th Aug 1932, Roseira.
    • 5
    • ZózimoZózimo Alves Calazães.
      Born 19th Jun 1932, Salvador.
    • 6
    • Nílton SantosNílton dos Santos.
      Born 16th May 1925, Rio de Janeiro.
    • 7
    • GarrinchaManuel Francisco dos Santos.
      Born 28th Oct 1933, Magé.
    • 8
    • DidiWaldyr Pereira.
      Born 8th Oct 1928, Campos dos Goytacazes.
    • 19
    • VaváEdvaldo Jizídio Neto.
      Born 12th Nov 1934, Recife.
    • 20
    • AmarildoAmarildo Tavares da Silveira.
      Born 29th Jun 1939, Campos.
    • 21
    • Mário ZagalloMário Jorge Lobo Zagallo.
      Born 9th Aug 1931, Atalaia.


  • 12 players on the pitch?Within a minute of kick-off a stray black dog wanders onto the pitch in the England left back position. The pup is uninterested in the play and evades Springett, Garrincha and Charlton, but it is Jimmy Greaves who gets down on all fours to grab hold of the meddling canine. He gets a round of applause, or maybe the dog does. Play is only held-up for a minute or so.
  • Player InjuriesIn the fourth minute [3:52] Didi is clipped on the right ankle whilst trying to take a shot. He is helped from the field and returns in the eighth minute [7:20]. Amarildo injured his left leg in the first half. Both continued to play on but had "lost some effectiveness."
  • Goal Disallowed"Vava shot the ball past Springett in the 47th minute, but the referee ruled that there had been some infringement, and no goal was allowed."
  • Player MilestoneRon Springett's 25th Cap
  • Player MilestoneGerry Hitchens' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneJohnny Haynes' Last Cap


  • England - The Quest for the World Cup - A Complete Record by Clive Leatherdale (Two Heads Publishing 1994)
  • England: The Complete Post-War Record by Mike Payne (Breedon Books Publishing Company 1993)
  • The Guardian "Brazil beat England with no great difficulty", Monday 11th June 1962, page 8.



  • France Pierre Schwinte


  • 17,736

Half Time Score

ELO Ratings

  • Down 3 places, losing -24 ranking points to 1921 points England - 9th - 3
  • Brazil - 1st