Match No. 817 - Thursday, 24th June 2004, 7:45pm

  • "Would you believe it? Ronaldo's cross finds Helder "two goals all season" Postiga who expertly heads it past David James from eight yards. England suddenly look very, very tired..." Hélder Postiga, 83'82:01
  • "...Portugal attack again and Rui Costa shrugs off Phil Neville before hitting an absolute humdinger from 20-yards which crashes off the bar - and in! It's been coming, and it's Portugal 2-1 England. Rui Costa, 110'109:06
    • 1
    • Ricardo PereiraRicardo Alexandre Martins Soares Pereira.
      Born 11th Feb 1976, Montijo.
    • 13
    • Miguel MonteiroLuís Miguel Brito Garcia Monteiro.
      Born 4th Jan 1980, Lisbon.
    • Off 79'78:01
    • 14
    • Nuno ValenteNuno Jorge Pereira da Silva Valente.
      Born 12th Sep 1974, Lisbon.
    • 4
    • Jorge AndradeJorge Manuel Almeida Gomes de Andrade.
      Born 9th Apr 1978, Lisbon.
    • 16
    • Ricardo CarvalhoRicardo Alberto Silveira de Carvalho.
      Born 18th May 1978, Amarante.
      118:40 "Vassell charges down the field, twisting this way and that, before he's cynically chopped down by Carvalho. Yellow card!"
    • 6
    • CostinhaFrancisco José Rodrigues da Costa.
      Born 1st Dec 1974, Lisbon.
      55:38 "Yellow card! Costinha for chopping down the so-far ineffectual Beckham."
    • Off 63'62:13
    • 7
    • Luís FigoLuís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo.
      Born 4th Nov 1972, Almada.
    • Off 75'74:42
    • 18
    • ManicheNuno Ricardo de Oliveira Ribeiro.
      Born 11th Nov 1977, Lisbon.
    • 21
    • Nuno GomesNuno Miguel Soares Pereira Ribeiro.
      Born 5th Jul 1976, Amarante.
    • 20
    • DecoAnderson Luís de Souza.
      Born 27th Aug 1977, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.
      84:43 "Suddenly Vassell is scampering like a greyhound out of the blocks before Deco brings him down. Yellow card!"
    • 17
    • RonaldoCristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.
      Born 5th Feb 1985, Funchal, Madeira.
    • 11
    • Simão SabrosaSimão Pedro Fonseca Sabrosa.
      Born 31st Oct 1979, Constantim.
    • On 63'62:13
    • 23
    • Hélder PostigaHélder Manuel Marques Postiga.
      Born 2nd Aug 1982, Vila do Conde.
    • On 75'74:42
    • 10
    • Rui CostaRui Manuel César Costa.
      Born 29th Mar 1972, Amadora.
    • On 79'78:01
  • Assist: David James. "Costinha fails to deal with a classic 50-yard England punt down field and lets it skim backwards off his head - straight into Michael's Owen path. In a blur the Liverpool [striker] twists his body and flicks the ball over the despairing Richardo." Michael Owen26th of 40 goals. Right-footed from 11 yards., 3' 2:23
  • Assist: John Terry. "ENGLAND EQUALISE!!!! From nowhere, England win a corner. Terry flicks it on and it falls to Lampard, who swivels 180 degrees before blasting it home! England 2 -2 Portugal." Frank Lampard5th of 29 goals. Right-footed from 7 yards., 115' 114:16
    • 1
    • David JamesMan City, 28th of 53 caps
      33 years, 10 months, 23 days
    • 2
    • Gary NevilleMan Utd, 67th of 85 caps
      29 years, 4 months, 6 days
      Right Back
      43:55 "This is dangerous for England, as Gary Neville hauls down Ronaldo right on the edge of the box. Neville gets a yellow card..."
    • 3
    • Ashley ColeArsenal, 30th of 107 caps
      23 years, 6 months, 4 days
      Left Back
    • 4
    • Steven GerrardLiverpool, 28th of 114 caps
      24 years, 0 months, 25 days
      36:30 "Deco speeds clear before he's taken out by Gerrard. Yellow card!"
    • Off 82'81:00
    • 5
    • John TerryChelsea, 11th of 78 caps
      23 years, 6 months, 17 days
      Centre Back
    • 6
    • Sol CampbellArsenal, 62nd of 73 caps
      29 years, 9 months, 6 days
      Centre Back
    • 7
    • David BeckhamReal Madrid, 72nd of 115 caps
      29 years, 1 month, 22 days
      Right Midfield
      (c)36th captaincy
    • 8
    • Paul ScholesMan Utd, 66th of 66 caps
      29 years, 7 months, 8 days
      Left Midfield
    • Off 57'56:06
    • 9
    • Wayne RooneyEverton, 17th of 120 caps
      18 years, 8 months, 0 days
      Centre Forward
    • Off 27'26:47
    • 10
    • Michael OwenLiverpool, 60th of 89 caps
      24 years, 6 months, 10 days
      Centre Forward
    • 11
    • Frank LampardChelsea, 23rd of 106 caps
      26 years, 0 months, 3 days
    • 23
    • Darius VassellAston Villa, 22nd of 22 caps
      24 years, 0 months, 11 day
      Centre Forward
    • On 27'26:47
    • 14
    • Phil NevilleMan Utd, 50th of 59 caps
      27 years, 5 months, 3 days
      Defensive Midfield
      91:41 "Brilliant from Ronaldo, who takes it round Ashley Cole before being cynically chopped down by Phil Neville. Yellow card!"
    • On 57'56:06
    • 18
    • Owen HargreavesBayern Munich, 22nd of 42 caps
      23 years, 5 months, 4 days
    • On 82'81:00


  • Rooney: InjuryWayne Rooney breaks a metatarsal in his foot [21:15] when Andrade accidently steps on his foot in the Portugal area. Oddly, the referee gives a foul against Rooney even though Rooney's boot was came off in the collision. He struggles on but has to be replaced by Vassell after 27 minutes.
  • Campbell: Disallowed Goal"From a position of no danger, Andrade runs into trouble and Hargreaves robs him before being pulled back. Free kick England! Beckham's inswinger is met by Campbell, whose header CRASHES AGAINST THE BAR! It drops down and Campbell buries the rebound. Look at the England players celebrate! But wait! Terry had his arm round Ricardo's shoulder!"
  • Portugal win 6-5 on Penalty Kicks
    Beckham shoots over. His standing foot gets too close to the ball which makes it move on the fragile pile of sand which is the penalty spot, just before his right foot balloons it over. You could argue, as Beckham does, that the state of the penalty spot is terrible but it's the same for everyone. In truth a poor penalty.
    Deco scored. Deco does a lot of gardening before his kick and then steps up to side-foot it into the corner to James' left. James had dived the wrong way.
    Owen scored. Thumped down the middle. "A grass cutter" as we used to say. Ricardo obligingly leaps to his left.
    Simão scored. High and emphatic into the James' top right corner. James had dived the other way.
    Lampard scored. A carbon copy of Owen's penalty. Thumped down the middle. Again Ricardo dives to his left.
    Rui Costa shoots over. Beckham style, he also blasts it over. Once again there's a rueful looks at the penalty spot.
    Terry scored. Calmly placed down the centre into the roof of the net. Ricardo dives to his right this time.
    Ronaldo scored. Into the side-netting. James dives to his right and almost gets a hand to it but it was too high.
    Hargreaves scored. Passed into the net. Hargreaves must have fooled the keeper as he doesn't move. A good dive to the left and Ricardo would have made a comfortable save. It's all in the eyes. Probably.
    Maniche scored. On a long run up Maniche goes for power into the bottom left corner. James dived to his left.
    Cole scored. Calmly rolls the ball into the bottom left corner. Ricardo, like James' on the last kick, dives to his left.
    Postiga scored. Panenka. James' had dived to his right.
    Vassell saved by Ricardo. Vassell did not look so confident and produces the worst penalty of the night, and I'm including the two over the top, scuffing the ball to give Ricardo a comfortable height to his left. Oddly, Ricardo had taken his gloves off.
    Ricardo scored. Nuno Valente was almost to the penalty area as the designated seventh kicker but Ricardo sends him back. His blood is up and he wants to finish it himself. Perfect penalty into the bottom side-netting. James has no chance.
    The state of the penalty spot was awful, it certainly contributed to the two penalties launched into space. Every player had to stamp it down prior to placing the ball. Could the referee have move the kicks to the other end? They didn't and Ricardo stole the show. Beckham's, Rui Costa's and Vassell's penalties were poor but the rest were top draw.
  • England are knocked-out of Euro 2004Portugal progress to the semi-finals.
  • Player MilestonePaul Scholes' Last Cap
  • Player MilestoneDarius Vassell's Last Cap
  • Player MilestonePhil Neville's 50th Cap
  • Match MilestoneEngland's 200th draw


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  • BBC Football "Portugal break England hearts"
  • The Guardian "Portugal 2 - 2 England (Portugal win 6-5 on penalties)"



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  • No change in rank, gaining 3 ranking points to 1973 points England - 6th
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